You’ll Love Bouncing Around

You’ll Love Bouncing Around

Rent an inflatable bounce house for your next party

When you’re looking for a way to make a special event more memorable for the little ones in your life, an inflatable bounce house provides hours of fun. Big Jump Rentals rents a variety of inflatable bounce houses, including:

  • 13’X13’ bounce houses with basketball hoops in them
  • 15'X15’ bounce houses without basketball hoops
  • Themed bounce houses

You can also combine a bounce house with one of our inflatable water slides for a new experience. Contact Big Jump Rentals to learn more about the inflatable bounce houses we rent out.

We have numerous themes available

Our bounce houses are available in a variety of themes, including hot air balloons, Disney princesses and sports. Each bounce house is delivered to your home where we take care of set up and safely securing the bounce house. We'll also handle the break-down and pick up for you. Call 508-933-4467 today to schedule an inflatable bounce house for your next special event.