Water Slide Rental | North Dartmouth, MA

Stay Cool at Your Next Party

Enjoy a wild ride on one of our water slides

If you want to cool off at your next event this summer, rent a water slide from Big Jump Rentals. You can quickly add a new dimension of fun to your special occasion with:

  • 16-foot water slides
  • 18-foot water slides
  • Inflatable Slip 'N Slides

Our slides are great for all ages. They easily become a focal point of any party. Call 508-933-4467 to schedule a water slide rental for your next event.

We offer different colors and styles

Our inflatable water slides are set up so participants will climb up and slide down on the same side. Each slide is kept off the ground and can be set up by itself with a pool at the bottom or attached to a slip n' slide for additional enjoyment. We have different colors available, as well as a dolphin-themed slide. Contact Big Jump Rentals to learn more about our variety of water slide rentals.